Overview of the Format Edit

The basic idea of the format is that every player brings some cards, these cards are shuffled together and then drafted. The name stems from the fact that the cards each player brings form a cube whose exact contents no one knows, for one time use only.

Details Edit

The way we played this format worked the following:

- Each player brings 50 cards. They should maintain a rough color and power balance.

- The power level of the cards should be within some more-or-less defined range (we defined "from Grizzly Bears to Wrecking Ogre").

- There can be an overarching theme that should be fulfilled ("Bring many multicolor cards and fixing!"), but it works well without.

- People should not bring cards that do not work in a random environment. That is, tribal cards are a bad idea. If you bring enough cards yourself for one theme to work, you can do so, but it should work in the case where no one brings cards with that theme, as well.

Personal Experiences Edit