Ways to Play Magic: The GatheringEdit

This is a wiki dedicated to aggregating different formats to play MTG at one place. There are so many popular and less popular formats out there, far more than just the ones that are being played at tournaments.

We are dedicated to gather all formats that are fun to play in one place. They can be very niche or common knowledge, and this is definitely the place to describe formats you invented!

The only thing the format must fulfill: It has to be FUN. If you have played it, and it worked, and it was fun, share it!

Note that there is an overview of formats on the official MTG page (The "Mothership"):

There are also these links to the archives:

However, these are not complete, in particular, they do not contain popular recent variants and/or less popular, but fun variants you all come up with.

Additionals Goals of this Wiki Edit

This wiki should be an aggregation of links to many valuable resources (i.e., articles, podcasts, videos...) about the formats, to learn the formats and get good them.

It should also be a place to share personal experiences and anecdotes about lesser known formats, showing the world why they are fun.

Organization of the WikiEdit

The wiki will be organized into two main categories: Limited and Constructed.

Limited is anything where you do not bring decks, but construct them as part of the format. The way the Limited deck is constructed does not matter; it is not restricted to Draft variants!

Constructed, on the contrary, is anything where you bring decks you constructed beforehand. Any casual formats with constructed decks belong here.

Multiplayer Setups are one other thing that does not really fit into one of the two categories, but are still sometimes referred to as formats. Two-Headed Giant belongs in this category. These are not deck construction rules, but ways in which you can play various formats. There are, for example, Two-Headed Giant Limited games, even tournaments, and also Two-Headed Giant Commander games.