Staple Limited Formats Edit

These are the limited formats that are the most common, are played in tournaments, and that most people know. The goal of pages about these formats is to give new players an overview of the format and link to resources that help you at the format.

Booster Draft

Sealed Deck

Established Alternative Formats Edit

These limited formats are known well enough that many people have heard their name, but especially newer players probably do not know them. The goal of these pages is not only to link to resources, but also show players what formats exist and are played beyond the most common ones. Since these are established and known to be balanced and fun, some of these may be a good fit to run at an FNM.

Rochester Draft

Solomon Draft


Back Draft

Mental Magic

Alternative Formats with Special Setup Edit

These are formats that you cannot just do with some Sealed Product of one edition, which is why they are separate. They have different forms of additional requirements or setup procedures.

Cube Draft

Grab-Bag Draft (also known as Chaos Draft)

Rotisserie Draft

Duplicate Sealed

Two-player Variants Edit

These formats are for two players, so if you are looking to do something with your unopened boosters, but do not have 6 to 8 people around, these are for you!

Pack Wars

Winston Draft

Winchester Draft

New / Lesser known ideas Edit

This might actually be the most valuable part of this wiki, as it is a place for all of you to share ideas you have tested and had success with! What wacky format did you invent and how did it go?

Surprise Cube

General Limited Links Edit

Limited Resources:

This is an excellent podcast about anything you need to get better at Limited. For the Spikes out there, or just for anyone interested in truly excellent Limited content. The host over all the years has been Marshall Sutcliffe, with co-hosts, in this order: Ryan Spain, Jon Loucks, Brian Wong and now Luis-Scott Vargas (LSV).